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Feedback Drive (3 Months)

Regular price$199.00 Sale price

Feedback Drive (3 Months)

Regular price$199.00 Sale price

Feedback Drive (3 Months) Package Included:
By: eCom Engine, USA



Awesome support (phone & email)

Feedback & product review management

Works with Amazon FBA accounts

Ready-to-go feedback and review campaigns

Build eye-catching email templates with our design support

Include targeted links for buyers to leave feedback or reviews

Supports,, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr seller accounts

Manually exclude orders from solicitation

Intuitive reputation management dashboard

Basic timing capabilities (time of day, days after order, etc.)

Send emails manually

Track upto 10 ASIN ( Product Reviews)

Advanced timing capabilities (days after delivery or after feedback received)

Toggle between multiple marketplace accounts

A complete history of activity for each order

“Exclude by Email” – Avoid soliciting unhappy customers without ever leaving your own inbox

Negative & neutral feedback alerts (text and/or email)

View, search and filter all feedback

Feedback removal request automation

Create custom campaigns

Create SKU-specific emails or add SKU-specific messages

Advanced rules and exclusions (Checkout by Amazon, Late Orders, Refunded Orders, Out of Country, Feedback Received, Repeat Buyer, SKU)

Send different emails for FBA/non-FBA

Unlimited campaigns for maximum automation

Personalized kick-start session with a Feedback Drive expert

Per Month Emails Credit

up to 2000

Extra Emails Credit Packs-1000 Emails, 2000 Emails, 5000 Emails

25 US
50 US
100 US 

Why is Amazon feedback important?

Your feedback rating informs potential customers about your reliability as a merchant. It can affect your ability to win Amazon’s “Buy Box.” In some cases, it can even affect your ability to sell on Amazon.

Over 90% of Amazon buyers typically fail to leave feedback. In addition, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave feedback. That leaves you with a large number of satisfied buyers who are not leaving positive ratings.

Amazon encourages you to provide good customer service and to solicit feedback from your customers in order to be a successful merchant.

What are the benefits:

While boosting positive feedback is critically important, there are a number of other benefits. Positive, proactive communications enhance your reputation and encourage repeat sales.

  • Increase the number of feedbacks you receive from customers
  • Simplify the feedback management process
  • Improve the productivity of your operation
  • Integrate seamlessly with Seller Central
  • Improve your overall Amazon seller reputation
  • Ultimately boost your sales on Amazon

In addition, include additional benefits such as:

  • Feedback reporting, that allows you to gain additional insight into your feedback trends.
  • Track up to 10 ASIN ( Product reviews)
  • Feedback removal emails to allow customers to easily remove negative or neutral feedback once their concerns have been addressed.
  • Feedback tracking that allows you to quickly identify neutral or negative feedback that requires your attention.

Feedback Drive Features:


Disclaimer: By purchasing this package, you acknowledge that 'Seller Drive' does not make any warranty or guarantee as to whether your account will receive certain number of feedback/product reviews; we will do our best efforts, however, positive feedbacks depends mainly on the buyer's will and hereby we do not take responsibility for the same.

* Per month emails credit: *up to 2000 (Covering Feedback Request emails, Product Review emails, Negative feedback removal emails )
* For above 2000 extra emails credit, 1000, 2000 & 5000 emails credit packs available in above-defined cost, extra emails credit will be used as per active subscription period.
* Prices mentioned are indicative. Actual prices may vary according to product volume and requirement.