Complete Account Management (3 Months)

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Complete Account Management (3 Months) Included:
This package is a comprehensive service offering which makes sure to maintain good inventory, automated pricing, claims, brand registry, deals n promotions and proactive suggestions to increase product visibility and sales.

1. Catalogue correction for existing ASINs and creation for new ASINs 
Sellers have raw feeds which will be made available to the Account managers who can use multiple mechanisms – listing loader, flat file formats and 1x1 methods to upload products 

2. Price and quantity update 
Price and quantity information will be made available through excels and calls to AM’s. Sellers will be informed in case of reducing inventory or pricing errors.  

3. A-Z Claim Management
We will represent cases against A-Z claims filed by the buyer either to get them closed or funded by Amazon

4. FBA Upsell & Shipment creation 
If the seller is a Non-FBA seller, Account Manager will recommend upselling on to FBA and will assist sellers in the creation of shipments, taking CARP appointments and tracking shipments on behalf of the seller. 

5. Deals & Promotion 
We will assist sellers in the promotion of the product through money off, free shipping; buy one get one, external benefits as required. 

6. Buyer – Seller communication 
Account Manager will respond to the buyer and Amazon CS queries within 24 hrs. as per Amazon’s policy on contact response time. SPs will provide information in requisite formats and in time to protect sellers from negative ratings 

7. Brand Protection/Registry
The Brand protection actions will be done. If any assistance for the Brand registry, we will take care of it. Valid Documents etc must be provided by the seller.

8. Automated  Pricing 
Account Manager will ensure sellers top selling ASINs are active in the Automated Pricing rule. 

9. Manage returns and refunds 
Account Manager will manage return and refund mechanism to avoid inconvenience to the buyer and to protect sellers from negative ratings. 

10. Proactive consulting and suggestions
Account Manager will give the 
proactive suggestions to increase product visibility and sales.

Kindly Note that These are standard deliverables which are covered under complete Account Management package, apart from this the Account Manager will also upsell other value-added offerings to seller basis seller’s eligibility (PSO/SFP, SSLD etc.) 

* Prices mentioned are indicative. Actual prices may vary according to product volume and requirement and as per individual package terms.

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