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A+ Content Package Included:

The A+ pages appear below Product Description in From The Manufacturer.

    • Amazon A+ content is a premium content offering for Vendors/Sellers/Brand Owners that features high-quality images, video & misc. features!

    • Up to 5 modules will be highlighted per product that will include feature image, feature title & description. (Note: high-quality feature images for the products should be provided by the seller)

Important Notes:

Sellers willing to publish A+ pages should be either registered brand on Amazon Vendor Central or they should provide brand authorization letter and undergo a whitelisting process.

Restricted categories:
A+ pages will not be published for the following categories
1. Gl_biss
2. Gl_media (books, DVDs, software, video games, videos, music)
3. Intimate apparel
4. Amazon restricted products 

A+ Video Upload Guidelines:
Videos need to be in MP4 format.
Maximum size – 50 MB
Maximum duration - 5 minutes
Should not be grainy
Strictly, We do not upload videos for gl_drugstore, gl_media, gl_biss, gl_pets, gl_grocery and intimate apparel or any other restricted products.
Video must be provided by the merchant!

Videos can be about
1. Unboxing
2. Product usage
3. Highlighting product features

Publishing Cycle:
After providing all documentation/images within 2-3 weeks (varies as per no of ASINs)


By purchasing this package, you acknowledge that 'Seller Drive' does not make any warranty or guarantee as to whether your listing will be LIVE in the marketplaces on a certain duration; as the final decision is on 'Marketplaces' and hereby we do not take responsibility for the same. Additionally, if ‘Seller Drive’ completes the products content/listing and the ‘Marketplace’ rejects the listing due to certain reasons related to company’s documents, product authenticity or other seller account related issues; then 'Seller Drive' will not be liable to issue any kind of refund or replacement of services for the work already completed.


  • The seller should provide all the products with additional detailed information about their premium products with high-quality images.

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