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Brand Store Setup on Amazon

Regular price$500.00 Sale price
SKU: ABS2004

Brand Store Setup on Amazon

Regular price$500.00 Sale price
SKU: ABS2004

Store Setup on Amazon Package Included:
Build a multi-page website on Amazon for your brand

Amazon is dominating the eCommerce Industry worldwide and surpassing all its opponents in India! It has more than 250 million active users; now imagine placing your brand/products in front of those million users in the form of Amazon Stores. Amazon Stores: a new solution that allows vendors and sellers to create their own Brand Stores on Amazon giving an immersive shopping experience.

As an official partner with Amazon & Shopify, Seller Drive commits to provide expert eCommerce design and development services by creating professionally designed and visually appealing Amazon Stores. The Store will drive shoppers engagement by not only shopping but learning more about your products- A Store Design that will fit and represent your Brand.

Key Features of Amazon Stores:

Multi-page shopping experience: Multi-page Amazon Stores can tell your brand’s story. Help shoppers discover your product portfolio, related products, and recommendations.

Store Builder: Professionally created Videos, text, and images to promote your products and brand on Amazon.

Drive traffic with advertising: Drive shoppers to your Store with headline search ads on Amazon and marketing activities outside of Amazon using a unique, human-readable URL. Even, shoppers can be sent to the home tab or directly to another category ( e.g. Fashion Necklaces ), it provides each page a unique URL.

Optimize content and campaigns with data: Stores insights provide you with a powerful understanding of your sales and traffic sources.
E.g. Daily visitors 5436    Sales INR 299,236.86    Units sold  500

Your own friendly Amazon web address: Get your very own branded URL on Amazon

Registered Sellers/Vendors on Amazon
Only registered brands are eligible. Enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry

Featured Amazon Stores:

Brand Duracell

Brand Globaldesi

Brand Hanes

Brand Mamypoko

Brand Hachette India

Amazon Stores: Submission & Review Process

According to Amazon, once finished building the Amazon Store, it will have to “Submit for publishing” Your Amazon Store will be submitted for moderation. Keep in mind, changes are not allowed to your draft while it is being moderated.

Kindly Note: The moderation process can take several days.

We will make sure of:

  • Spelling or punctuation errors.
  • All changes are included in the draft version.
  • Use the mobile preview to make sure that your Amazon Store is optimized for mobile experience.
  • Check your images and videos to make sure that any text in them can be easily viewed (including on mobile).