Client's Objective:

The Herbal Supplements brand’s focuses on Proper Nourishment for a better body and better mind, simplified healthcare with natural supplements that can be incorporated in daily life.

Their prime objective was to establish the account that signifies the brand USP and quality.

Since it was a new account hence the main expectations were to increase visibility of the product pages resulting in brand awareness and finally sales with lower ACoS.


Listing Optimisation:
Initial Work Strategy was to optimize and make the product detail pages Buyer ready that was deadly missing. We have worked on below elements exploring the product features:
  • Optimized Product content
  • Engaging product images
  • A+ Content
  • Amazon Brand Store
Product Accountability and Establishment:
The team has worked on below areas to make the listings accountable:
  • Competitive Cost Research
  • FBA
  • Positive reviews
  • Vine Program

To improve visibility with increased brand awareness then consideration, we’ve started advertising in search results and product detail pages with automatic, manual, with product targeting and sponsored brand campaigns at later stage.


The account was further established with category, display targeting campaigns along with Sponsored Brand Video campaigns

Sponsored Products:

We had begun with Amazon Sponsored Products because it’s the most effective ad type to generate additional sales profitably.
 The initial plan consisted of two campaigns:

  • 1 automatic campaign (with 1 automatic ad group)

  • 1 manual campaign (with 1 ad group includes all match types or 3 different ad groups with 3 different match types)

The above strategy worked well to get the most relevant keywords are getting visibility, impressions, and sales

Sponsored Brands:

Created groupings of three high-performing/best-selling products that share similar keywords. 
Our goal was brand awareness, we have included generic, unbranded keywords, and displayed our best-seller products to target shoppers who are interacting with your brand for the first time.
However, the keywords used were all relevant keywords that have already performed good in the other campaign types especially Automatic and Manual campaigns.

However, at the later stage we have created other campaigns to increase the reach and brand awareness covering Display Ads and Sponsored Video campaigns.

ACOS Target:

As the strategy worked resulting in good orders; with the help of negative targeting and moderations, the Ad ACoS lowered to 50% with Total ACoS of 25% from 80%.

Our Numbers:

Matrix March’22 April’22 May’22
Total sales $ 11,365.90 $ 46,561.27 $ 58,870.13
Total orders 611 2,689 3,476
PPC Sales $ 4,447.60 $ 20,524.32 $ 26,288.65
Total Spend $ 3,417.75 $ 10,405.88 $ 14,235.93
ACOS 76.84% 50.70% 54.15%
TACOS 30.07% 22.34% 24.18%
Organic sales $ 6,918.3 $ 26,036.95 $ 32,581.48


We have received below growth % on per month basis on our Hero Campaign:

  • Average Monthly Ad Sales Growth: 67%
  • Average Monthly CTR: 1%

  • Received “Amazon choice” tag on our products

  • 145 global positive reviews
  • 4.6 rating out of 5
  • Heart of this success
  • Quality of the product and good competitors' analysis and keyword research helped us to grow on the

The overall campaign strategy, brand analytics has played an important role in understanding the buyer behavior; the other important part that we are into consideration is the growth opportunities that can scale the sales further.