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Amazon Launch lead to 218% growth in a year


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Sales Growth

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  1. Starter

Seller owns a Patio, Lawn and Garden category products; he came at the very beginning of his Amazon journey wherein he was even not sure about its brand registration status. Seller Drive took the initiative and assisted him in every step of the way leading to immense growth and returns!


  1. Know the Client

The specializes in helping individuals and businesses beautify and maximize their indoor and outdoor spaces. Their unique, stylish and affordable shade and cooling products keeps people refreshed and relaxed.


Whether it’s a high-quality misting system to keep humidity at bay, an eye-catching shade sail or patio umbrella or a well-crafted outdoor cabana, their extensive line of premium products makes the space special and adorable.


  1. Our Winning Strategy
    1. Complete Account Audit was done, extracting missing points
    2. It started with Amazon Brand Store Creation confirming its Brand Identity in Amazon
    3. Complete Product Listing Optimization that gave a boost to products rank and visibility
    4. Infographics were created for better conceptual and visual appeal
    5. Enhanced Brand Contents (EBC) were also created that made the products stand out from the crowd
    6. We suggested to ship products to FBA that gave a push to visibility, hence sales
    7. We managed their complete Amazon Account pertaining to messages, brand protection, cases, returns, etc. that improved reputation leading to good reviews
    8. Finally, our strategy leads to Amazon PPC resulting in constant AcoS of 9.96% and higher sales
  2. Results Speak
    1. There was an overall sales growth of 218%+ during the tenure
    2. The average AcoS was maintained to 10% with minimum spend of Ad Sales
    3. The product units sold during the tenure had a hike of 92%